June 2020 Northern Ireland Assembly election

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June 2020 Northern Ireland Assembly election
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All 90 seats to the Northern Ireland Assembly
46 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau at HBOs "Game Of Thrones" Season 3 (Crop).jpg J_Ceasar SoSaturnistic
Leader Borednerdygamer J_Ceasar SoSaturnistic
Party Labour Party NI Ulster Unionist Social Democratic and Labour
Leader since 26 October 2019 18 May 2020 16 February 2020
Leader's seat Strangford Belfast West West Tyrone
Last election 18.1% 31.2% New party
Seats won 25 22 12
Popular vote 217,763 191,858 105,713
Percentage 27.0% 27.9% 13.1%
Swing Increase8.9% Decrease3.3% Increase13.1%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Superpacman04 CountBrandenburg ka4bi
Leader Superpacman04 CountBrandenburg ka4bi
Party Irish Parliamentary Alliance Green Party NI
Leader since 11 February 2020 15 January 2020 19 February 2020
Leader's seat Fermanagh and West Tyrone Belfast East North Down
Last election 17.0% 21.9% New party
Seats won 12 9 6
Popular vote 104,699 80,188 58,315
Percentage 13.0% 10.0% 7.2%
Swing Decrease4.0% Decrease11.9% Increase7.2%

Wiki aeviii.png
Plurality winner in council district electoral areas

First Minister and
deputy First Ministers
before election

J_Ceasar (UUP),
CountBrandenburg (APNI) &
Superpacman04 (IPP)

First Minister and
deputy First Minister

Borednerdygamer (LPNI),
J_Ceasar (UUP) &
SoSaturnistic (SDLP)

The 8th Model Northern Ireland Assembly Election was held on 5 June 2020. It was the twelfth election since the Assembly was re-established in 1998. This election resulted in a significant shakeup in the composition of the assembly, with two of the three parties in the Executive Office being replaced. Labour rose to become the largest party, ensuring that the Other grouping would remain largest and claiming the position of First Minister. The Ulster Unionists remained the sole major Unionist party, though suffered a drop in vote share. The position of nationalist EO representative was notably highly contested, as the SDLP and the IPP received 12 seats each. By virtue of gaining more first preference votes, the SDLP was subsequently entitled to the position.


shit happened


people campaigned


Party Leader Seats Votes[1][2] NI Executive
Won Change
Nov. 2019
Pref. %
Nov. 2019
Seats Change
Nov. 2019
Labour Party NI BoredNerdyGamer 25 Increase23 Increase9 217,763 27.04% Increase9.04% 4 Increase2
Ulster Unionist J_Ceasar 22 Increase18 Decrease11 191,858 23.82% Decrease7.31% 3 Steady
Social Democratic and Labour SoSaturnistic 12 Increase12 Increase12 105,713 13.13% Increase13.13% 2 Increase2
Irish Parliamentary superpacman04 12 Increase10 Decrease4 104,699 13.00% Decrease8.75%[a] 1 Decrease1
Alliance CountBrandenburg 9 Increase6 Decrease16 80,188 9.96% Decrease11.94% 1 Decrease1
Green Party NI ka4bi 6 Increase6 Increase6 58,315 7.24% Increase7.24% 0 Steady
Páirtí na nOibrithe Nijkite 2 Increase2 Increase2 20,358 2.53% Increase2.53% 0 Steady
Saor ó Chaipitleachas Collective leadership 1 Increase1 Increase1 14,159 1.76% Increase1.76% 0 Steady
People's Unity Duginist 1 Increase1 Increase1 12,376 1.54% Increase1.54% 0 Steady
Total 90 Increase79 805,429 11 Increase2


  1. Combined Irish Parliamentary Party and Reformists of Northern Ireland vote