BONO Movement

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BONO Movement
FoundedMay 2019
DissolvedAugust 2020
Preceded bySinn Féin
One Party State
Political positionFar left

The BONO Movement was a totally genuine political party formed by LCMW_Spud. They were known for having 1 member and their radical policies, as well as their psudo-legal gorilla campaigning techniques.

BONO are not related to U2 singer.


BONO formed in 2019 after a heavy and long drinking spree from LCMW_Spud. In which he saw visions of a Northern Irish nuclear deterrent. Inspired, Spud formed the BONO movement. In typical Spud fashion the party regularly collapses and reforms.

The party still have to gain a member without threatening them.

Major policies

BONO have many policies which are often passed off as jokes by the mainstream political establishment, however the following stand out as core BONO policies:


BONO founded the Portalurgan campaign in April 2020 and despite the proposal bill initially being rejected, BONO have "every intent of resubmitting the idea".

In July 2020 the campaign launched a TV ad featuring Radiohead's no surprises and Damon Albarn's face.

The Portalurgan campaign's logo has become as recognisable as the BONO logo

Stormont Statue Update

BONO are working with Barron HenryJohnTemple to erect a state of him and LCMW_Spud to replace Edward Carson and loom over the stormont estate respectively. Whilst the legislation is still in a provisional form, BONO and HJT are working to establish both statues.

Money laundering accusations

Following the Paradise papers it was revealed that the BONO movement was holding money earned from "unknown sources". Spud has denied any side ventures, links have been made by commentators between Spud and infamous plutonium dealer El Potato.