People Before Profit (2020)

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People Before Profit
Founded15 April 2019
IdeologyDemocratic socialism, Irish nationalism
Political positionFar-left
National affiliationThe People's Movement
Seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly
1 / 90
Seats in the House of Commons (NI)
0 / 4
The logo of Gluaiseacht an Phobail
The logo of Saor ó Chaipitleachas

People Before Profit is a Northern Irish political party, formerly known as Saor ó Chaipitleachas and Gluaiseacht an Phobail. Founded on 15 April 2019 as Gluaiseacht an Phobail, the party ran 14Derry in the June 2019 Northern Ireland Assembly election, winning 3.4% of the vote and failing to elect an MLA.[1] The party rebranded to Saor ó Chaipitleachas on 11 November 2019, but did not contest the November 2019 Northern Ireland Assembly election. The party ran BabyYodaVevo as their candidate in the April 2020 Northern Ireland Assembly by-election, who won 2.1% of the vote, and who was ultimately not elected. BabyYodaVevo again ran as the party's candidate in the June 2020 Northern Ireland Assembly election, where the party gained representation in the now 90-seat Northern Ireland Assembly, winning 1.8% and 1 seat. The party rebranded to People Before Profit on 12 June 2020.[2][3] On 22 June 2020, BabyYodaVevo, the party's only MLA, became party President.[4][5]

Election results and governments

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Assembly elections

Election First Preference Vote Vote % Seats Government
June 2019 29,557 3.4%
0 / 11
November 2019 N/A
June 2020 14,159 1.8%
1 / 90

Westminster elections

Election Constituency Vote Constituency Vote % Regional Vote Regional Vote % Seats Government
August 2020 135,525 11.9% 142,301 11.0%
0 / 4