Irish Parliamentary Party

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Irish Parliamentary Party
Founded17 April 2019
IdeologyIrish nationalism, republicanism
Political positionCentre-left
National affiliationDemocratic Reformist Front
Seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly
12 / 90
Seats in the House of Commons (NI)
1 / 4

The Irish Parliamentary Party, also known as the IPP, is a Northern Irish political party. Founded by Trevism on 17 April 2019,[1] in the June 2019 Northern Ireland Assembly election, the IPP won 1 seat in the 11 seat assembly. The party affiliated with the Independent Social Democrats[2] (later the Social Democratic Party) for the August 2019 general election to Westminister, and won a seat in Westminister. On 17 October 2019 (exactly 6 months after the party foundation), Trevism resigned as party leader, being replaced by Abrokenhero.[3] The party won 2 seats in the December 2019 Northern Ireland Assembly election.

On 8 December 2019, the party announced its intention to merge into the newly founded Sinn Féin,[4] However, on 10 December 2019, Abrokenhero resigned and Sinn Féin dissolved, leaving AnswerMeNow1 to lead the IPP.[5] On 20 January 2020, the Irish Parliamentary Party and the Reformists of Northern Ireland merged, with the IPP becoming the Northern Irish branch of the Democratic Reformist Front, and superpacman04 becoming deputy leader of the IPP.[6] On 9 February 2020, AnswerMeNow1 resigned as IPP leader, with superpacman04 becoming leader. The party held its one seat in Westminister at the February 2020 general election, but was overtaken by the Social Democratic and Labour Party at the June 2020 Northern Ireland Assembly election as dominant nationalist party. On 16 June 2020, superpacman04 resigned as party leader, replaced by Imadearedditaccount5.