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LCMW_Spud in 2019
Chairman of Sinn Féin
In office
2 August 2017 – 10 March 2018
Preceded byUnionistCatholic
Succeeded byTrevism
First Minister of Northern Ireland
In office
13 January 2018 – 2 February 2018
Serving with Estoban06 and Ctrlaltlama
Preceded byleafy_emerald
Succeeded byTrevism
Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland
In office
19 July 2017 – 10 December 2018
Preceded byIbutonic
Succeeded byCtrlaltlama
Member of the Legislative Assembly for West Tyrone
In office
19 July 2017 – 2 February 2018
Preceded byVacant
Succeeded byMr_Skit
Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland
Minister for Education (Northern Ireland)
In office
January 2018 – March 2018
Preceded byTrevism
Succeeded byMr_Skit
Personal details

Northern Ireland
Political partySinn Féin, Solidarity, SDLP
OccupationLiam Gallagher impersonation

LCMW_Spud is a former Irish politician and frontman of the Oasis tribute act Noelasis. He served as Sinn Féin leader for the majority of his political career before resiginging and forming Noelasis. Spud said that "Noel Gallagher and Thom Yorke came to me in a dream, they told me to butcher their songs!".

Spud routinely returns for a brief period before or during elections under the pseudonym "The Bono Movement".

Early Carrer


In the summer of 2017 Spud joined the SDLP, led by Ibutonic. Recalling his time in the SDLP he stated that he "fucked up by posting a bill in the public lobby then sat about not knowing anything about anything".


Solidarity formed after a merger of the SDLP and various other parties. During this period Spud became more politically active in NI, eventually becoming an MLA for the party. Spud opposed the merger with the Radical Socialist Party which eventually led to the collapse of both parties, however he missed the vote due to a holiday to Libya.

Sinn Féin

After the collapse of solidarity, Spud returned from his holiday in Libya to find himself deputy leader of a new Sinn Féin, with UnionistCatholic at the helm of the party. Despite only having 3 members Sinn Féin played a major part in the executive.

In late July Spud raised his concerns to UC about his right wing views which conflicted with the left wing nature of Sinn Féin and Solidarity. Before a vote of no confidence was put forward, UnionistCatholic stepped down as leader, appointing Spud as his successor.

Along with the other member of Sinn Féin, UC formed the conservative Irish Nationalist Party. Leaving Sinn Féin with 1 official member.


Shortly after becoming leader, Spud contacted a series of old Solidarity members to join the party. With these new members Spud was able to appoint a deputy and adviser, as well as fill their second seat.

Spud laid out the leadership structure of Sinn Féin and introduced a constitution that remained in place until the party's collapse in July 2018. After winning a seat in the November General election, Spud lost his seat due to never voting.

Throughout this term Spud remained an active member of the assembly up until it's end, amongst dwindling activity from UUP MLAs. Spud led Sinn Féin into the December 2017 Assembly election in which they won 3 seats, equalling that of the UUP and allowing Spud to become First Minister. Spud resigned shortly after however due to burnout and a newfound passion for the band Oasis.

During Spud's leadership the party's activity and membership grew to around 20, this was helped by a deal which was struck with the greens allowing members to be in both parties at once. Similarly, through collaboration with other nationalist parties in Scotland, Sinn Féin became an influential party in Westminster as well as in Northern Ireland.


After resigning from politics, Spud and his successor, Trevism, went on a 20 day drinking spree, after which Spud formed Oasis tribute act Noelasis due a vision he had on day 12.

The band toured pubs in Lurgan, eventually releasing a self published set of albums.

Noelasis were renowned for their abstract and original album covers


The band split in August of 2020, due to a fallout between Spud and a tuning peg on his guitar. The guitar and he got in a fight. Spud sustained RSI whereas the guitar remained uneffected.


  • Fucking chewbacka (2019)
  • Why in everloving fuck (2020)
  • All yer dreams are made, live from Lurgan (2020)
  • Noelasis: Time drags [The greatest hits] (2020)

The BONO Movement

BONO Movement


Thatcher comments

During his term as First Minister, LCMW_Spud made various comments describing former Prime Minister Margret Thatcher as "Hilter's wankstain" and a "test tube grown creature", provoking anger amongst the unionist community. Spud refused to apologise for these comments.

Despite threats from the Ulster unionist party to collapse the executive, deputy first minister Ctrlaltlama remained in his post.

P****** movement

In 2020 Spud returned to politics with a bill which proposed the creation of a supercity known as P******. The bill was slated for not polling the locals of the area before creating the city. It was also noted that Spud's bill effected an area of Northern Ireland that he never represented.

Spud stood behind the bill with it failing to gain support from the assembly.