Labour Party of Northern Ireland

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Labour Party of Northern Ireland
Founded4 June 2019
Preceded bySocial Democratic and Labour Party
IdeologyDemocratic socialism, social democracy
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationLabour Party
Seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly
25 / 90
Seats in the House of Commons (NI)
0 / 4

The Labour Party of Northern Ireland, also known as Labour Party NI, Labour NI, or simply Labour, is a left-wing political party operating in Northern Ireland. Founded on 4 June 2019 after the rebranding of the Social Democratic and Labour Party, it was initially led by Cenarchos before his resignation on 18 July 2019. Under Cenarchos' leadership, the party won 2 seats in the new 11 seat Assembly in the June 2019 Northern Ireland Assembly election, designating as other. Cenarchos was then replaced by lily-irl on 18 July 2019, leading the party into the August 2019 general election, where they failed to win seats in Northern Ireland.

On 26 October 2019, current leader of the Labour Party NI, BoredNerdyGamer, was elected as leader. While the vote for Labour declined slightly in the November 2019 Northern Ireland Assembly election, the party held its 2 seats. Labour again failed to gain Westminister representation in the February 2020 general election, but made large gains in the June 2020 Northern Ireland Assembly election, winning 25 seats and first place, with BoredNerdyGamer being elected as First Minister.