Sinn Féin

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Sinn Féin
Founded28 November 1905
(original form)
17 January 1970
(Provisional Form)
(Fewbuffalo Form)
June 2017
(The Losty form)
Preceded bySolidarity (2017 form)
IdeologyIrish Republicanism
Left-wing nationalism
Democratic Socialism
Political positionLeft to Far left

Sinn Féin was left wing political party, active in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Sinn Féin has taken many forms until the dissolution of the DDYT led version in 2019. With each prior form of the party dissolving before the next resurrection. Whilst vastly different between forms, each version of Sinn Féin share similar ideologies.

Sinn Féin reached it's height of power during the The Losty Years (2017-2018), led by LCMW_Spud and Trevism.

Organisational structure

Leadership history


The boring years (pre 2015)

Sinn Féin did nothing of note before 2015 and were not the leading political wing of any paramilitary during the 70s and did not have a major part in the formation of the Republic of Ireland.

The ravatar years (2015-2016)

The losty years (2017-2018)

The best years